Business Diagnostics

Information, evaluation, tools, and resources to identify where your business currently is and plot a strategy to where you want it to go.

Professional Well-being

The quality of business person’s life is made up of four components: Work, People, Money, and Life outside of work. Determine your professional well-being by taking the Professional Well-being Test. Once you know where you are, then take the steps to move closer to where you want to be. Click here to learn more.

Strategic Business Diagnostics

A detailed assessment on how your business is currently operating. A comprehensive look at the fundamentals of a business structure and operations including: Vision, Strategy, Structure, Culture, Systems & Processes, People, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Products and Services. Click here to learn more.








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What Our Clients Say

"The “Working ON your business” instead of “In Your Business” approach really opens your eyes. I look at my monthly board meetings with The Dash Group as invaluable to my Business Success."
Dave Crawford President
D.G.C. Contracting Inc.