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Customer Centricity Best Practices
Delivering quality service to your customers by focusing on being customer centric will provide a clear strategic advantage to your business. This checklist will allow you to assess your current position and show where you could improve.

Intellectual Property Management Best Practices
A small business operator may fill, among their many different roles, even that of inventor, designer or graphic artist. Your original ideas, concepts, designs and trademarks, often collectively referred to as intellectual property, can be the key to your business’ success and should be protected.

Starting Your Own Business
Running a business requires many personal skills, not the least important being those that allow you to work cooperatively with others and build business relationships – interpersonal skills. Work through the list and check those qualities you have. All are useful to being a successful entrepreneur.

Pricing Tables
Table 1 indicates the increase in sales that is required to compensate for a price discounting policy. Table 2 shows the amount by which your sales would have to decline following a price increase before your gross profit is reduced below its previous level.

Effective Meetings Best Practices
Meetings can be highly valuable to a business or simply a waste of time. An effective meeting can be described as one which achieves goals, and involves all participants. That is easier said than done. Many meetings, through a combination of lack of planning and poor execution, are not effective. The effort that goes into planning the meeting is the key determinant of its effectiveness, and this includes much more than just preparing an agenda.

Cash Flow Best Practices
Cash flow is a key indicator of a business’ financial health. Knowing how to maintain a healthy cash flow is essential to being a successful business. It can help to decrease the required capital and it can increase profitability by reducing interest expenses. It can also help to generate income on surplus funds.

Requesting Business Finance
Most businesses require some sort of external finance at some time in their operations. When your business needs funding it is essential to plan your approach to potential lenders carefully.