Profit Benchmark Report

In an effort to bring more value as a financial management advisor, we have initiated a program to present financial statements in an easier-to-read and more useful format. We are very excited about this program because it will provide you with a plain-language translation of your financial statements as well as providing a benchmark against businesses in your industry. The report highlights the areas of your business which are the strongest, and those which may need improvement, as well as outline some of the ways in which we can help you to define and reach your financial goals. One primary objective at The Dash Group is to make your business more profitable by simplifying your workload.

The report addresses the following areas:

Liquidity: Can you meet your obligations as they come due?
Gross & Net Profit: Are these trends favorable?
Sales: Are they growing and are you satisfied with their levels?
Borrowing: Is it costing you more than it should?
Assets: Are they being used effectively?
Employees: Are you hiring effectively?

If you would like to view sample reports they are available below. If you are new to our firm and would like a complimentary analysis contact Mark Dashkewytch and he will coordinate what is required.

Sample Reports:

Personal Finance