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Five Fundamentals of Effective Business Design

Being quite the sports participant I know every sport has them. I learned them in playing hockey, golf, basketball, volleyball and many other sports.   I’ve witnessed them in sports my daughter has participated in, namely equestrian, and I’ve seen them in the arts, my other daughter enjoys singing and dancing.  All these activities, all these efforts have one thing in common, and that’s fundamentals. Do your fundamentals well and it increases your chances of success, do them extremely well and you’ll enjoy your chosen activity that much more. Perhaps you’ll achieve things you never thought possible, making your life and all things that make it up so much more enjoyable. Continue reading

How Do You Run a Stress Free Business?

The answer is really quite simple, not have any business at all. Think about it, no more worries about looking after employees, dealing with customers or suppliers or managing the systems and processes that keeps your business moving along quite nicely. They’ll all be gone, and just because you followed these proven principles to failure: Continue reading

The In and Out of a Business

One of the most overlooked questions in any small business is “When do I get out of it?” or “When will they take me out”, i.e. in a box? There’s no easy answer to this question, but it’s something every business owner needs to know and plan for.

Part of every business plan, and yes this plan should be documented, should be an estimate of the lifetime of the business as it relates to you the business owner. Are you in it for five to ten years with the idea of selling out at a predetermined price at a predetermined time? Is it meant to be a family business you want to pass on to your children when they’re able to take it over? These are some of the key questions you need to be asking yourself. Continue reading

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