Customer Diagnostic™

Customer Diagnostic™ is a customer survey tool for small businesses allowing you, the business owner to test your own beliefs about the quality of your customer relationship with the perceptions of your customers themselves. Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Satisfied customers can be a business’ best salespeople. Getting customers to explain what’s good about a business, and where it needs improvement, ensures that the business measures up to marketplace expectations. There are many areas where customer perception can provide useful input to a business:

  • Visibility and reputation in the marketplace
  • Effectiveness of its marketing efforts
  • Satisfaction with the sales process
  • Satisfaction with the products or services offered
  • Satisfaction with after sales service and support

The survey is presented in a Q&A format that can be run online or distributed to customers as hard copy. It can be presented to customers individually (and results collated), or to a group. The questionnaire results build a diagnostic report identifying areas of weaknesses and strengths that can be exploited to make the business more customer centric in its operations and to improve customer perception about the business – and with customers, perceptions often count for more than facts.

Contact Mark if you would like to learn more about diagnosing your customers satisfaction level.

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