Five Fundamentals of Effective Business Design

Being quite the sports participant I know every sport has them. I learned them in playing hockey, golf, basketball, volleyball and many other sports.   I’ve witnessed them in sports my daughter has participated in, namely equestrian, and I’ve seen them in the arts, my other daughter enjoys singing and dancing.  All these activities, all these efforts have one thing in common, and that’s fundamentals. Do your fundamentals well and it increases your chances of success, do them extremely well and you’ll enjoy your chosen activity that much more. Perhaps you’ll achieve things you never thought possible, making your life and all things that make it up so much more enjoyable.

These things, these fundamentals, have been learned over generations and improved upon in each following generation and passed on freely to those willing to learn. Why then in my experience in dealing with all sorts of business owners are these fundamentals often neglected or ignored? Is it because they don’t know what they are or are they just too busy to sit down and use them. Too busy “Working In” as oppose to “Working On” their business.  I think it might be a bit of both.  Both of these issues can be addressed using Five Fundamentals of effective business design:

  • You must have a plan and yes that plan should be documented.  A plan provides structure. Documentation of that structure is key as it serves to clarify, organize and focus the efforts of the organization.  Unfocused plans waste resources.
  • You must implement and review.  Regularly reviewing your progress against your plan is a must.
  • Keep tidy accounts.  Untidy accounting reflects a messy business.
  • Tax management is a long term issue.
  • Take the owner “out” of the business.  This will make the business more valuable. This will force you to systemize your business. Not easy and it certainly should not be left to the last minute to do.

Working with a trusted advisor in polishing these fundamentals will get you to becoming the business pro you want to be in a faster and more enjoyable way.

When you apply these fundamentals you are altering the design of running your business. You have a more proactive and monitoring design to growing your business. What we like to say at The Dash Group is “Every business is designed perfectly for the results they realize.” In other words you can always trace back your results to your design and how well you are applying productive fundamentals.

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"The “Working ON your business” instead of “In Your Business” approach really opens your eyes. I look at my monthly board meetings with The Dash Group as invaluable to my Business Success."
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