A key to sound business management is through its Bookkeeping function. Most business owners struggle with this component, as their attention is focused on other aspects of running their business from hiring and firing, customer and supplier relations and watching the competition, among the many things. Bookkeeping becomes an after thought or forgotten all together. Both these things can be fatal; from not securing adequate financing, unable to sell a business for what you want and problems with tax authorities. We are here to help you with this function. Our expertise includes:

  • Consulting for and setting up of accounting systems
  • Providing full cycle bookkeeping service including:
    • Tracking of payables and receivables
    • Maintaining capital asset schedules
    • Payroll management
    • Preparing GST/HST returns
    • Maintaining loan schedules
    • Preparing account reconciliations including bank reconciliations
    • and Other types of compliance related documents

Seeking this type of specialist advice and help can save the small business owner time and make their business more profitable by having them do more value producing work.

If you’d like to contact us about our Bookkeeping Services – simply go to Contact Us and let us know.