Consulting and Advising

More than Traditional Services

Yes, we offer you all the traditional accounting services, but we understand there is so much more that can be done to help you reach your ideal profits and an improved lifestyle.

This can include assistance with strategies like management, pricing, marketing, customer service, team retention, working processes and business growth. Our business development services are designed to offer you this extra support to help make your business better, more profitable and more valuable.

Our Approach

Complimentary Consultation with Mark Dashkewytch

The consultation accomplishes a few things. It allows me (Mark) to gain a better understand of your current situation, some history and what challenges you are currently facing. It allows you to get to know me and gain understanding of the type of processes we use to help business owners. Lastly if I believe we can help with your situation I will ask if you would like me to present you with a proposal.

Fixed Price Proposals

When we present a proposal of services we include the following:

  • Confirm our understanding of your situation and objectives.
  • Present an easy to understand process to help remedy your situation.
  • Identify clearly what will be the deliverables of the project
  • Present a time-line
  • Propose a fixed fee to eliminate any surprise invoicing


After the consultation meeting we might determine that our support will come in the form of a project. Projects will last anywhere from two weeks to a few months. A project will usually help our client get past their current obstacle or provide greater clarity for decision making.

Advising/Coaching Arrangements

Some of our clients prefer a longer arrangement to help support the implementation of new initiatives or plans. Our clients find value in an outsiders perspective and a coach willing to ask the tough questions and offer business expertise and guidance as part of the team. Most of these arrangements are contracted for a year and meetings occur monthly.

Typical Situations

Every business is different but at the same time business have many similarities. Here is a list of many of the common situations we support:

  • Profitability is suffering
  • Cash flow is tight
  • Growth challenges with personnel and infrastructure
  • Communication among the team
  • Increasing sales
  • Finding a way to not be a slave to the business
  • Preparing the business to sell or be handed down
  • Preparing for funding
  • Developing more structure to ownership and management

If you’d like to contact us about our Consulting & Advising Services – simply go to Contact Us and let us know.