Personal Goal Setter™

Personal Goal Setter™ is a robust tool for identifying the personal financial and non-financial objectives of a business owner, and it is used with much success by RAN ONE business coaches and advisors around the world.

Most small business owners typically have the majority of their personal wealth tied up in their businesses. Personal Goal Setter™ puts a business owner thorough a review of their personal financial position, business involvement and quality of life situation.

Through an honest and open session conducted with Mark Dashkewytch an owner will determine:

  • Their personal objectives
  • What they want out of their business
  • When they want to transition out

The decisions surrounding these issues often have a serious impact on the amount of wealth an owner might extract from the business, either at the time of transition or in the years leading up to transition.

Personal Goal Setter™ offers a diagnostic which provides clarity around these critical issues and includes a project planning tool that can be used to manage the actions, responsibilities and timelines for any initiatives identified during the review.

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